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Moving Miami Beach Forward — Together!

Dear Neighbors, We have much going on in our little slice of paradise. I want to highlight some important accomplishments achieved for Miami Beach residents so far in my second year as Commissioner. My office has made it a priority to promote a better quality of life for our residents, improve Ocean Drive, prudently address […]

That tourist sipping a $55 mojito on Ocean Drive? He may actually be a secret shopper

“Our goal is to make sure that all Miami Beach customers are having the best experience possible and unfortunately we have had some problems with bad apples with these deceptive business practices,” said Commissioner Mark Samuelian, who sponsored the proposal. … Although commissioners have only allocated funding for undercover shoppers to patrol the entertainment district, […]

Balancing Historic Preservation with Adaptation for Sea Level Rise

“What’s the problem we’re solving?” Commissioner Mark Samuelian asked. “I’m not aware that we’ve had issues so I’m very reticent, for either of these parts, to do anything that would weaken our Board.” “I’m also concerned about the talent pool,” he added. By requiring that someone be a current resident in a historic district, “What […]

Miami Beach commissioners discuss proposals on how to handle crowds during spring break

Meanwhile, Miami Beach Commissioner Mark Samuelian hopes to crack down on individuals selling things without a permit, like people who peddle fruit. Miami Beach Police currently do not have authority in such situations because these are civil infractions. However, Samuelian wants to make it a criminal offense. “Some folks got the impression that everything goes […]

Getting across the Venetian Causeway during rush hour could soon get a lot easier

This isn’t the first time Miami Beach has petitioned to lock down a bridge during peak traffic periods. In 2015, Commissioner Micky Steinberg — who sponsored the Venetian Causeway resolution with Commissioners Mark Samuelian and Michael Góngora — started the process of changing the operating schedule for the 63rd Street Bridge that spans Indian Creek. The effort […]

After Rowdy Spring Break, Miami Beach May Restrict Party Promoters, Underage Bars

…And Gelber is not the only commission member looking to add more post-spring break regulations — Commissioner Mark Samuelian wants to make it a misdemeanor crime to sell things on public property without authorization. That means police would be able to arrest the coconut and mango peddlers who roam the beach, as well as the amateur python handlers who […]