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Videos Show Dirty Stormwater Pumped Into Biscayne Bay and Swallowed by Manatee

At the same meeting, Commissioners John Aleman and Mark Samuelian pushed back on the criticism, saying the city is doing the best it can. “We are constantly challenging what we’re doing,” Samuelian said. “We collectively have to keep pushing the envelope, but we also have to acknowledge that the technology is not perfect,” Aleman added. “There’s […]

Miami Beach Commissioners Fight Over “Super Ugly” LED Sign at I-195 Entrance

While Alemán was aghast at the design, Commissioner Michael Góngora said he was excited about it, in a lukewarm kind of way. “I’m not so sold on it myself,” he said, “but I think that is the wave of the future.” Ultimately, Góngora prevailed on Commissioners Ricky Arriola and Mark Samuelian to tentatively approve it. The LED display proposal will […]

Can she keep Miami Beach above the rising sea?

The city’s efforts have their critics. A citizens group, We Love Lakeview, is protesting a plan to raise roads in their neighborhood, worried about water drainage onto their land and property values. Miami Beach Commissioner Mark Samuelian agrees the city must respond to sea level rise but has concerns about what he calls “our one-size-fits-all […]

Restoring and Reinvigorating Lincoln Road

Commissioner Mark Samuelian said he appreciated the thought given to the various connection points in the 200-300 blocks at the entrance to the east and the side streets guiding traffic north to the convention center and cultural institutions, but he urged another connection point be added to the west, extending from Alton Road to West […]

West Avenue Project Closer to Restart

The first phase of the West Avenue project was completed but Phase Two was put on hold after the 2017 election and promises by incoming Mayor Dan Gelber and Commissioner Mark Samuelian to create a “red team” to study the City’s resiliency strategy to determine if it was on the right track. West Avenue residents […]

Miami Beach’s Spring Break Scooter Rental Ban Could Be Reversed

Commissioners ultimately supported the measure on first reading 5-1 with Gelber voting against, but Mark Samuelian and Micky Steinberg were clear their votes were for first reading only to allow a longer discussion on its second presentation to the Commission. Kristen Rosen Gonzalez was absent. “I’ll support it on first reading,” Samuelian said, “because I […]

Miami Beach Commissioners Ask Stores to Please Stop Selling Dead Sharks in Jars

“Miami Beach stands for a lot of things: We’re very pro-environment; we really care about wildlife and all the animals,” says Commissioner Mark Samuelian, who sponsored the resolution. “And I don’t think having dead species like alligators and sharks — some with the label ‘Miami Beach’ on them — is consistent with that.” December 21, 2018 | Miami […]