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As massive construction project looms, Miami Beach studies ‘emergency’ traffic measures

Miami Beach officials are already bracing for gridlock and phone calls from irate residents. “We know this train is coming, no pun intended, we know it’s going to have a big impact,” said Commissioner Mark Samuelian, who sponsored a resolution at Wednesday’s City Commission meeting giving city staff the green light to evaluate several temporary […]

Videos Show Dirty Stormwater Pumped Into Biscayne Bay and Swallowed by Manatee

At the same meeting, Commissioners John Aleman and Mark Samuelian pushed back on the criticism, saying the city is doing the best it can. “We are constantly challenging what we’re doing,” Samuelian said. “We collectively have to keep pushing the envelope, but we also have to acknowledge that the technology is not perfect,” Aleman added. “There’s […]

Miami Beach Commissioners Fight Over “Super Ugly” LED Sign at I-195 Entrance

While Alemán was aghast at the design, Commissioner Michael Góngora said he was excited about it, in a lukewarm kind of way. “I’m not so sold on it myself,” he said, “but I think that is the wave of the future.” Ultimately, Góngora prevailed on Commissioners Ricky Arriola and Mark Samuelian to tentatively approve it. The LED display proposal will […]

Can she keep Miami Beach above the rising sea?

The city’s efforts have their critics. A citizens group, We Love Lakeview, is protesting a plan to raise roads in their neighborhood, worried about water drainage onto their land and property values. Miami Beach Commissioner Mark Samuelian agrees the city must respond to sea level rise but has concerns about what he calls “our one-size-fits-all […]