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Stormwater, Sewer, and Sanitation Fees Going Up

Commissioner Mark Samuelian said, “I’m not comfortable with this. I don’t feel like this is the best timing… it’s a very big increase, 23%.” “We just decided [two days ago] to ask the voters if they wanted to spend $430m in taxes” through a General Obligation (GO) Bond, Samuelian said. “I’m not sure the timing is right […]

Fate of City National Bank project uncertain

Commissioner Mark Samuelian said, after reading the Staff memo, “In my 8 months here, this is one of the strongest recommendations I’ve seen in terms of not to proceed” and he asked City Manager Jimmy Morales why. … Samuelian said, “I’m concerned about the terms changing… I strongly support the goal of revitalizing Town Center. […]

G.O. Bond Will Total $439,000,000

“I think the action on the Inspector General which will be at the same time is related,” Commissioner Mark Samuelian added. “Hopefully the residents will see that as a wonderful step for government. They, hopefully, will see that that will add transparency and accountability to the GO Bond so I actually think there’s some positive […]

Convention Center Hotel Lease Approved

Commissioner Mark Samuelian said he supported the project because of what it could do for the City, noting that the current revenue from “a surface parking lot that generates about $100,000 a year” will convert to “$10m once we’re up and running at a steady state and that is goodness for our community.” “In the […]

Miami Beach vigilará los menús de los restaurantes para evitar sablazos en la cuentas

Aunque la noticia general fue dada a conocer a inicios de abril, cuando los comisionados votaron a favor de la ordenanza propuesta por el comisionado Mark Samuelian, durante una reunión de la Comisión de Miami Beach ayer lunes fueron aprobadas las pautas concretas de diseño que deberá tener cada menú. … “Estamos tratando de garantizar que el cliente tenga claridad […]

Revisiting Miami Beach’s Road Raising Policy

Samuelian acknowledges, “’Do nothing’ is not an option.” He said, “The City has made some important progress over the last few years.” With that learning and the recommendations of outside experts from the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and Harvard, Samuelian said, “We’re in a situation where we are going to… ‘reorient’ our resiliency program which, to me, […]

Real Results: Reorienting Resiliency Program

Dear Neighbors, When I ran to be your Commissioner, one of my most important campaign promises was to review our resiliency strategy.  I committed to apply my engineering expertise and ensure that the solutions put forward were the most well thought out, effective and efficient. I am happy to share a progress update including some real […]