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Revisiting Miami Beach’s Road Raising Policy

Samuelian acknowledges, “’Do nothing’ is not an option.” He said, “The City has made some important progress over the last few years.” With that learning and the recommendations of outside experts from the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and Harvard, Samuelian said, “We’re in a situation where we are going to… ‘reorient’ our resiliency program which, to me, […]

Real Results: Reorienting Resiliency Program

Dear Neighbors, When I ran to be your Commissioner, one of my most important campaign promises was to review our resiliency strategy.  I committed to apply my engineering expertise and ensure that the solutions put forward were the most well thought out, effective and efficient. I am happy to share a progress update including some real […]

Miami Beach cataloging storefront vacancies

Commissioner Mark Samuelian said once the initial data is collected, he would like to see it updated periodically to show trends. He also wanted to know if the vacant storefronts were following City code with regard to aesthetics. Currently, Huttenhoff responded, vacant storefronts are required “to have an opaque window covering and then if they […]

More Police Officers for Ocean Drive

Resolution sponsor, Commissioner Mark Samuelian said, “It’s a wonderful collaborative opportunity with the Ocean Drive Association.” He told his colleagues the action will be easily measured in terms of its impact on crime and the willingness of the business community to continue to pay for the additional officers. May 19, 2018 | RE: Miami Beach […]

Misleading specials and $55 cocktails could be a thing of the past on Ocean Drive

The regulations come in response to complaints that some Ocean Drive restaurants trick customers into ordering expensive food and drinks at outdoor tables or fail to include prices on menus, hitting unsuspecting tourists with hefty bills. At a few restaurants on the popular South Beach street, a single cocktail can cost more than $50 and food specials […]

Are you paying too much for your margarita? Miami Beach wants to put a stop to it.

City Commissioner Mark Samuelian is proposing an ordinance that would empower the city to revoke restaurants’ permits for sidewalk cafe tables if they don’t clearly advertise prices and display the city’s consumer protection laws on tabletop information cards. The city manager could even have the ability to strip away violators’ business licenses. January 19, 2018 […]

Miami Beach unveils new agility courses for dogs

Some residents brought their dogs to the ribbon cutting on Friday morning. Also in attendance were Miami Beach commissioners John Elizabeth Aleman and Mark Samuelian, Doral Vice Mayor Ana Maria Rodriguez and Miami Beach police officers. December 1, 2017 | Sun Sentinel | Miami Beach unveils new agility courses for dogs