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Keep raising roads, experts tell Miami Beach, but explain it to residents better

Critics of road raising, including Commissioner Mark Samuelian, argue the city’s “one size fits all” plan to elevate all streets to the same height doesn’t serve residents whose properties are at different elevations and need tailored approaches. The ULI report, Samuelian said, ‘has not materially changed my view.” September 18, 2018 | Miami Herald | […]

Miami Beach Pop Event Gets Conceptual Approval

Gelber told the organizers it appeared they had 4 votes but reiterated concerns about public input. Commissioner Mark Samuelian agreed that he might like another month. … Arriola, Alemán, Góngora, and Rosen Gonzalez voted in favor. Gelber, Samuelian, and Steinberg voted no. September 15, 2018 | RE: Miami Beach | Miami Beach Pop Event Gets […]

Convention hotel and a $439M upgrade for Miami Beach? Voters will decide in November

At a MidBeach Neighborhood Association meeting in September, Commissioner Mark Samuelian said the city needs the bonds because it has “a lot of pent-up needs.” “While we have had sufficient funding to operate the basics of the city, for these type of projects, capital projects, park projects, public safety projects, beachwalk projects, we have not […]

Miami Beach Referendum Questions – Vote YES!

Dear Friends, Voting has officially begun!  If you receive your ballot by mail, it may have already arrived.   This year’s ballot has wonderful opportunities for Miami Beach.  Voting YES on all six Miami Beach Referendum questions will help continue to move Miami Beach forward.  Plus, The Miami Herald unanimously recommended YES on all initiatives and […]

Miami Beach’s Road Raising, Stormwater Climate Adaptation Plan Reviewed

Residents reportedly unhappy with the road raising policy elected Commissioner Mark Samuelian as a lead voice reviewing resiliency projects and slowing some down. Samuelian reportedly found that he supported City Manager Jimmy Morales’ goals to include permanent generators on stormwater projects, finish projects underway, fix issues on completed projects and integrate alternative solutions like green, blue and grey […]

Miami Beach voters reject $40,000 raise for city officials by a slim margin

Critics of the salary increase, including Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber, have questioned whether elected officials should recommend their own raises. Gelber said earlier in the month that he would support a review of commissioner salaries by a third-party group as long as any changes didn’t impact current officeholders. Commissioners Micky Steinberg and Mark Samuelian […]

Stormwater, Sewer, and Sanitation Fees Going Up

Commissioner Mark Samuelian said, “I’m not comfortable with this. I don’t feel like this is the best timing… it’s a very big increase, 23%.” “We just decided [two days ago] to ask the voters if they wanted to spend $430m in taxes” through a General Obligation (GO) Bond, Samuelian said. “I’m not sure the timing is right […]

Fate of City National Bank project uncertain

Commissioner Mark Samuelian said, after reading the Staff memo, “In my 8 months here, this is one of the strongest recommendations I’ve seen in terms of not to proceed” and he asked City Manager Jimmy Morales why. … Samuelian said, “I’m concerned about the terms changing… I strongly support the goal of revitalizing Town Center. […]

G.O. Bond Will Total $439,000,000

“I think the action on the Inspector General which will be at the same time is related,” Commissioner Mark Samuelian added. “Hopefully the residents will see that as a wonderful step for government. They, hopefully, will see that that will add transparency and accountability to the GO Bond so I actually think there’s some positive […]